Honista APK v9.0 Download For Android 2024

Honista APK is the best among all Mod apps for Instagram. It comes with a similar UI but with a lot of customization and advanced features. You can enjoy a personalized interface for a stylish social experience. It has 50+ themes for your app UI. With media download, you have to power to download anything from Instagram. It can download IGTV, reels, videos, images, and even highlights & profile pictures. With dual account support, you can enjoy more fun in one app. It enhances multitasking and socializing. You can go for insight performance analysis and get ideas for better content strategies. Boost your story sharing with cross-platform support as it allows you to share stories across various social media handles. Its ad-blocker and post-filters give you a personalized experience.

honista apk

What is Honista APK

Instagram is very popular in the world. Its official restrictions and privacy measures are very strict. Because it does not allow media download, anonymity features, and UI customizations. Moreover, a huge amount of advertisements make the official version a bit annoying for users. Hence, we have designed Honista Instagram for you. It brings advanced socializing and overcomes ads & restrictions of the official app. You can get this unofficial Mod free from this page and boost your experience with ad-free scrolling & media download.

Size63 MB
Downloads1 Million
Last Update1 Hour Ago

Why Choose Honista App

When you have the official Instagram app, Instapro, and a variety of other Mods available then the question arises of why should you choose the Honista App. The reasons are many because it has many advanced features. Its customization options, 50+ themes, and an ad-free experience with a smart algorithm make it a way better choice than others. Moreover, it brings valuable tools and in-depth analysis & details for social influencers. Hence, it is an ideal option for Instagram users who are struggling to boost their influence on this platform. 

Popular Features of Honista

There are many advanced tools, and socializing features in this app. Here are some top ones to mention. 

Personalized Privacy Settings

You can enhance your privacy with personalized settings. Contrary to the rigid privacy policies of the official app, here you will get more flexibility. You can define your own privacy roles in chats, feeds, stories, and reels.  

50+ Themes

Honista Instagram offers the latest collection of 50+ themes. These themes are designed for app UI to personalize your experience. You can try various themes for free and give your app UI a desired color & style. Moreover, each theme allows you to make further changes & customizations. 

UI Customization

This Instagram Mod has the most flexible and customizable user interface. You can make any change anywhere in the user interface of this app. From the conversation background to the UI home color, everything is customizable. Try various icons, layouts, and privacy settings, and personalize your Insta feeds as well. 

Anonymity Features

Compared to all other Mods of Instagram, Honista stands tall when it comes to anonymity. It offers a wide range of social anonymity features. From Ghost mode to chat privacy, and story view appearance to online status, you can enjoy anonymity everywhere. 

Detailed Analysis of Post-Performance

As a social media influencer on Instagram, users often worry about the performance of their posts. Especially new users get very few likes, comments, and interactions from the audience. Hence, this app brings a detailed analysis of each post. You can get ideas about what users like and what should be improved in your content. This detailed analysis boosts your performance as a social media influencer. 

Social Strategy Ideas

With an in-depth analysis of posts and an Unfollower tracker, the Honista App helps you to make better strategies. You can use its collected data and analysis to remodel your social strategy. 

Dark/Light Mode

It offers dark and light modes. You can use a simple toggle to switch b/w the modes. During day time you should go with light mode and at night you should turn to dark mode. 

No Ads

Instagram has a huge amount of ads and almost every scroll brings an ad. But this Honista iPhone offers you a seamless experience without any ads. It limits post ads, video ads, in-stream ads, and pop-up ads. 

Post Filters

This is the smart Algorithmic feature. It helps users to modify their Insta feeds. You can filter posts from your feeds to either keep videos or images only. 

In-built Asset Store

There is an asset store in this app. You can get emoji packs, stickers, a wide range of font styles, and much more for free from this store. 

What’s New Honista APK Latest Version

The latest version brings the latest innovations for users. Here is what you get in this update:

  • New Emoji & Sticker Packs are included.
  • More than 100 fancy font styles.
  • Update theme store with more than 50 themes. 
  • Post detail analyzer. 
  • Post filter. 
  • Dual account and app lock included. 
  • Multilingual UI.
  • Built-in text translator.
  • Copy and paste the captions & bios.

Honista Atualizado

Honista is an advanced Instagram app with no legal connection with Insta. Hence, it is not an official entity and does not feature any auto-update system. You have to manually update it. If you are willing to update your app to the latest version then here we have the latest app version with 100% functionality and advanced features. 


Honista App is among the top mods designed for Instagram so far. It works on smart algorithms and automated technology. Hence, you will feel a great boost in your social influence and feed scrolling. It comes with advanced features like media download, dual account, ghost mode, and others. Its UI customization with 50+ themes gives you the luxury to personalize your experience. With smart post filters and a powerful ad-blocker, this app will ensure a seamless social experience. Switch to Honista APK and enjoy a personalized and boosted social experience on the go.