Insta Saver Pro APK Download Latest Version 2024

Insta Saver Pro APK is a rejigged Mod designed to download and save media from Instagram. It brings traditional socializing on Instagram with the availability of media downloaders. You can share your moments, stories, photos, and videos in original quality. Moreover, download other videos and photos in HD quality for offline viewing. The App includes an ad-blocker to make your sharing, downloading, and scrolling seamless. It is easy to use and secure for accounts & devices due to its strong security measures.

Insta Saver Pro APK

What is Insta Saver Pro APK

Billions of videos and photos are shared on Instagram every day. These videos, photos, and media content are only available for online viewing on this platform. Users can not officially download it and go to different websites to grab this media content offline. But now we have designed a new app Insta Saver Pro APK that has a built-in download feature. You can enjoy seamless socializing, ad-free scrolling, and high-quality sharing.

NameInsta Saver
Size37 MB
Downloads1 Million
Last Update1 Hour Ago

Features of Insta Saver Pro APK

This is a simple-to-use Mod but comes with a diverse array of features. Here are its leading features which make it a pro-socializing tool. 

Save Media Content 

The initial purpose of this pro app is to provide users with a simple method to save media files from Insta. It comes with a built-in saver for insta stories, reels, videos, highlights, photos, and posts. 

Instagram Story Saver

There is a built-in story saver that allows you to save videos & photos from others’ stories. You can get the media content of other stories in HD quality. 

Insta Video Downloader

Insta Saver Pro APK also includes a video download. Save videos from posts, reels, IGTV, and others into your gallery. It offers a three-tap simple download method for Instagram video downloads. 

Save Photos & Profile DPs

Where the official app does not allow you to open images and PDs, here you can download them. This pro version has an image saver in it. You can use it to save photos from posts, reels, and profile DPs into your device. 

HD Quality Sharing

Video and image quality is compressed when you share something on the official app. But Insta Saver Pro APK maintains the original quality. You can share HD videos and image content without depressing the quality. 

Ad-free Scrolling

This app has an ad-blocker to make your scrolling joy seamless. You can enjoy endless hours of scrolling, unlimited sharing, and media downloading without facing ads. 

Easy and High-speed Downloads

Insta Saver Pro APK is designed for downloads. Hence, it offers a simple method for it which is nothing more than ‘three taps’ on a media file. Moreover, it also maintains high speed for all the media downloads from Instagram. 

Simple UI

The user interface is very simple for this pro version of Insta Saver. It offers a traditional feed experience and UI options. Moreover, all the media download and pro features are easily accessible.

Insta Saver Pro APK

Insta Saver Pro APK Download

There is no official source for downloading media content on Instagram. Hence, all the users rely on third-party websites and additional downloader apps. On this page, we have a smart app that brings socializing and downloading together. You can download its APK file free from this page to enjoy the combo experience. It is a 100% free app and includes all the pro and traditional features. 

How to Install Insta Saver Pro APK

Installation steps are very easy and listed here for your convenience. 

  • Get the APK file. 
  • Open device Settings.
  • Navigate to Security.
  • Enable the ‘Unknown Source’ toggle.
  • Open the APK file. Tap on the Install button.


Insta Saver Pro APK is the best option for Instagram users where they can socialize with free media download for Instagram. It allows users to save stories, IGTV, Videos, Photos, media content, DP images, and much more. It has an ad-blocker for a seamless socializing experience with a traditional interface. You can enhance sharing quality with this pro app to share HD videos and images with others. The best thing is that it is 100% safe and does not cause any sort of account ban.


Can I save reels with Insta Saver Pro?

Yes, you can save reels, videos, images, highlights, iGTV, and all other media content with it. 

Does Insta Saver Pro APK offer a dual account?

No, this pro version is designed for media downloading in HD quality and does not support dual account feature.