Instagram Gold APK Download For Android 2024

Instagram Gold APK is real gold for Instagrammers. It brings innovation to the user experience. You will enjoy a complete set of new features that are not included in the official app. For instance, it can block ads. It allows media download. With a customizable interface, it brings an endless amount of themes in its gold theme collection. You can use two or more two accounts at a time with seamless switching & management. It turns the traditional interface of Instagram into a golden one. You can enjoy anonymity, enhanced sharing, and boosted Insta experience. The best thing about this Golden Mod is its anti-ban protection. Your account is secure with it while you can enjoy an endless amount of features & enhanced socializing joy.

Instagram Gold APK

What is Instagram Gold APK

Instagram has reached the maximum levels of popularity in the world of social media. It offers endless socializing services and connects billions of users. However, due to some official restrictions and tight policy rules, users have to try its Mod version. Among all its Mods, Instagram Gold APK is a popular & secure one. It comes with anti-ban technology and allows media download. Its ad-blocker, app lock, customization galore, and enhanced sharing will boost your security and social experience.

NameInsta Gold
Size17 MB
Downloads1 Million
Last Update1 Hour Ago

Features of Instagram Gold APK

This gold version brings golden features for pro socializing experience. From quality sharing to ad-free scrolling and media download to multi-account support, it offers plenty. 

Enhanced Sharing Quality

Official app Instagram compresses images and the sharing quality of videos & images is decreased. But this Glod version comes with enhanced sharing quality without any compression. You can share HD images & videos. 

App Lock

Users’ security on social platforms is among the top priority of every social media app. Hence, this app also brings in safety measures with an app lock. You can protect your data and conversation with a secure lock protected with a password. 

Customization Galore

Instagram Gold APK gives you full authority for UI customization. You can try the golden theme and a variety of other themes in this app. Its customization option allows you to rejig colors, icons, settings, layout, and design of the app. 

Media Download

Where the official Instagram app has strict restrictions for media download, here you have the full luxury. This app allows media download in HD quality for reels, videos, posts, images, DPs, IGTV, and other media content. 

Ad-free Scrolling

All the ads have been blocked from your Instagram app in this Instagram Gold APK. It has an ad blocker that automatically restricts all ads. Moreover, you can also use ad-filters to manage ads. 

Multi-account Support

This Gold version has diverse flexibility when it comes to using multiple accounts. It allows users to run numerous accounts at a time without any switching hassles. You can switch from one account to a second and a second to a third without log-in/ logout issues.

Instagram Gold

Instagram Gold APK Download

If you are interested in advanced socializing of this Gold version then don’t go anywhere. You can get its APK file right here. Use these steps to grab the APK file to dig into the golden feature of this app. 

  • Trigger the Download button with a single tap and it will start the download process.
  • Complete it to get the APK file in your browser’s download manager. 
  • Open the device Settings. 
  • Navigate to ‘Security’.
  • Enable ‘Unknown Source’ in this section. 
  • Return to the Instagram Gold APK file and tap the install button.


Instagram Gold APK is among the popular Insta Mods largely renowned for its golden theme and pro features. It offers customization, a golden theme, and many other themes. You won’t face any restrictions for media downloads. It brings HD quality into play for all your sharing and media downloads. Its ad-blocker and ad filters help you to restrict & manage ads. You have the luxury of safeguarding your data with an app lock and using multiple accounts in one app. Its anti-ban shield is a complete protection den for your account & privacy. Download Instagram Gold APK and overcome the restrictions official version to boost your sharing, downloading, and socializing. 


Can I download Insta reels with Instagram Gold APK?

Yes, this gold version includes a built-in option for downloading media including reels and other files. 

Is Instagram Gold APK safe?

This is a Mod version but ensures users’ safety for their account with its Anti-ban feature.

Does Instagram Gold APK contain ads?

No, this app has an ad-blocker to limit all the ads and make your socializing seamless.