Instagram Lite APK Download Latest Version 2024

Instagram Lite APK is a small-size Instagram app with a bigger socializing pack. It offers all the core features of Insta but with a more optimized approach. The size of the app is small which makes it a perfect fit for low-end devices. It also works well on high-end devices to give complete compatibility with all sorts of Android devices. It keeps auto-play for video posts off and brings a compressed image experience. Hence, it consumes less data compared to the official app. Moreover, its ad-blocker blocks all Insta ads, which not only saves internet data but also makes your experience seamless. Its coin-based system is awesome which gives you free coin rewards every day. You can use these coins for your organic boost by buying followers with these coins.

Instagram Lite APK

What is Instagram Lite APK

In the world of social networks and global communications, Instagram is among the top ranks. It has an official app. But this app is heavier in size and only fits on compatible devices. Android users especially those with low-end devices fail to use this app. This is due to its heavy size and huge data consumption. Hence we designed the Instagram Lite App for you. It has a small size which means low storage consumption on the device. Moreover, its lightweight and optimized interface gives a seamless experience on all sorts of devices.

NameInsta Lite
Size87 MB
Downloads1 Million
Last Update1 Hour Ago

Features of Instagram Lite APK

This is a Lite version but has a great amount of features in its armory. Check the list of its top features. 

Smaller Size

The official Instagram app has a large size that exceeds over 100 MBs. This size makes it incompatible with low-end devices. Hence, the Lite version becomes a better option. It has a small size that is less than 20 MBs and works well on all devices. 

Faster Speed

It brings optimized images and video play. Hence, less loading time and faster speed. You will get an enormous speed boost in your feeds and page loading when you click on anything. It means no more page-loading pauses and a seamless scrolling experience with super-fast speed. 

Low Storage Consumption

Usually, low-end devices have very limited device storage. It means they can afford very few apps on the device due to storage limitations. Hence, Instagram Lite APK is the perfect suit for such devices. It comes with a low size and consumes a very small portion of your device storage. 

Low Data Consumption

Internet data is valuable for mobile device users due to limited internet MBs. Hence, they also want such apps and social platforms that consume less data. This Lite version will help Instagram users save a lot of data while enjoying the same Insta experience. 

Auto-play off

In official Instagram, all the videos in posts come with auto-play by default. But Instagram Lite APK turns off the auto-play for videos. It means only the video you want will play for you. This will help you to save internet data and speed up your scrolling experience. 

Optimized Images & Videos

Images & videos are the major offerings of Instagram. These images and videos are of high quality and consume plenty of data. Moreover, the loading speed of heavier images and videos is also high. Hence, the Instagram Lite App brings in image and video optimization into play. You will get optimized images and compressed videos with greater effect to maintain quality while reducing data consumption. 


Official Instagram contains too many ads on every scroll. These ads are annoying and consume a lot of data and time. But this Lite version includes an ad blocker to limit ads from feeds, comments, and videos. You will enjoy a completely ad-free experience with seamless scrolling on this Lite version app. 

Coin Rewards

The best thing about Instagram Lite APK is its coin-based system. If you regularly use this lite version app, it will bring coin rewards for you. You can earn plenty of coins every day and use these coins for your follower boost. Earn coins and buy followers for your Instagram account to enhance your social influence. 

Diverse Compatibility

This lite version app is designed for low-end devices but works well on all sorts of high & low-end devices.  It comes with complete compatibility for Android devices as you can use it on any Android device irrespective of its Android version. 

Frequent Updates

Moreover, the Lite version is powered by Meta and often comes with the latest updates. These updates keep you engaged with the app with the latest features & upgrades. 

Instagram Lite APK Download

This Lightweight version is available here on this page for free download. It is the latest APK file of this Lite version and we are enlisting steps that will help you to download & install it. 

  • This app is available on the Play Store, this website, and other open sources.
  • Download the APK file of this Lite app.
  • Once you get it, you can proceed with further process.
  • Go to Settings>>Security.
  • Enable a toggle here. The one is given for ‘Unknown Source Installation’.
  • Access the APK file of this Lite version. 
  • Open it and tap Install to get the Instagram Lite App on your Android. 


Instagram Lite APK is the best among Instagram apps for low-end devices. It is a small size Android package kit with all the Instagram features. You can enjoy traditional socializing with a more optimized approach and faster loading speed. It comes with the least internet consumption. Moreover, you will get free coin rewards on its regular use. These coins are very valuable for those who want to boost their follower because these coins can be used to buy organic followers.  The best thing is its ad-blocker. It limits all the annoying ads from your news feeds and Instagram app interface. Switch to Instagram Lite and enjoy a lighter, faster, and ad-free socializing experience.