Instagram Pro Dark APK Download For Android 2024

Instagram Pro Dark APK is among the popular Mods designed for Instagram for a pro-socializing experience. It gained notable attention from social media users due to its dark theme. Its pro set of features is also there to make it a better option than the official app. This app will enhance social security on this platform and boost your anonymity & privacy. It has a download option that allows you to download content including videos & images. You will also get a quality boost for your image and video sharing on Insta.

instagram pro dark apk

What is Instagram Pro Dark APK

Instagram has billions of social media users and they explore different Mods to find something new. There are hundreds of Mods and we are offering all the popular Mods of Instagram on this website. One of the popular Mods is Instagram Pro Dark APK given on this page. It offers quality features, anonymous socializing, and full user security & privacy. With advanced tools for influencers, one can boost social influence. It offers a Follower checker, an Unfollower tracker, and a post-performance report. These will enhance your social appearance and influence power.

NameInsta Dark
Size47 MB
Downloads1 Million
Last Update1 Hour Ago

Features of Instagram Pro Dark APK

This socializing Mod with a dark theme comes with a diversity of features for Instagram lovers. Exciting features of this Mod are listed below. 

Media Download

The official app has downloading restrictions and inhibits users from downloading media content. But this app is a rejigged Mod and overcomes this issue. You can download media files from Instagram using this Mod. It allows story, reel, video, image, and DP download. 

Dark Mode

Instagram Pro Dark APK offers a dark mode. This app is named after this feature and became popular due to this dark mode. You can easily change the app UI into light mode and dark mode with a one-click switch toggle. 

Enhance Media Quality

You will experience a great boost in the image and video quality with this Mod version. It enhances the media quality and allows you to share HD videos and stunning images. Moreover, it also downloads all the media content including images & videos in HD quality. 

Multi-lingual Support

UI of Instagram Pro Dark APK comes with a multilingual face. You can use the app with different UI languages to meet your preferences. It supports more than 15 languages for UI. 

UI Customization

Where the official app has no customization flexibility for UI, this Mod version gives full customization control. You can change theme color, icon setting, chat privacy, and other aspect of UI. 

Follower Management

There is a built-in tool for follower management in Instagram Pro Dark APK. You can check your followers, get alerts for new followers, and notifications for Unfollowers. It helps you better manage all those followers and enhance your social influence. 

Post Analysis

This Instagram Mod also includes a post analysis feature with an insight analysis of your posts. You can track and boost the performance of your posts. 

Enhanced Security & Privacy

It also increases the social security of users with its smart security features. Moreover, you can increase privacy with customized privacy settings.

Instagram Pro Dark

Instagram Pro Dark APK Download

This Pro version is available for free download here to give you pro socializing joy. You can use the direct download button to get this app from this page. It is 100% free and the file is scanned under powerful scanners to ensure user security. The APK file is free from hazards, glitches, bugs, and other malicious content. You can get it with one tap.

How to Install Instagram Pro Dark?

Installation steps include some mandatory permissions and one-click installation. Here are the steps. 

  • Download the APK file as mentioned above. 
  • Go to Settings in you main setting menu of your Android gadget. 
  • Move to the ‘Security’ portion in this setting menu or search it directly in the settings. 
  • Enable ‘Unknown Source’ here.
  • Go to the APK file and proceed with installation using the one-click installation button in the file. 


Instagram Pro Dark APK is the audience’s favorite Mod for Instagram. It has many amazing features that make it an advanced socializing tool for Instagrammers. With ad-blocker and post-filters, this will make your socializing seamless. You can download media, enjoy quality sharing, and boost your influencing power. Unlock the magic with this pro version and try dark theme & various other colors for app UI. Switch to InstaPro Dark Mod and socialize like a pro. 


Is Instagram Pro Dark APK safe?

Yes, it is a relatively safe Mod compared to others. It comes with anti-ban protection and device security measures. 

Does Instagram Pro Dark APK contain ads?

No, it does not have ads as it has an ad-blocker to limit all ads. You will enjoy a seamless experience to stay ad-free on this platform.