JT Instagram APK Download Latest Version 2024

JT Instagram APK brings ultimate socializing with a complete set of pro features. It will give you complete control over your Insta experience and seamless socializing. You can block ads and manage your posts with smart post-filters in your Insta feeds. It also increases the sharing power by enhancing sharing quality and limit. You can go with advanced and personalized privacy. It brings highly advanced security features with app lock, chat lock, and customized security settings. Moreover, with media download, you have all the luxury of downloading videos, stories, reels, photos, and profile images.

jt instagram apk

What is JTInstagram APK

In the globalization of people through the internet, different social platforms are playing a great role. One of the most popular platforms is Instagram. It has a global social audience but brings in some restrictions & Privacy roles. Hence, we designed the JT Instagram APK which is a Mod version. It will help you to limit all those restrictions and enjoy socializing with full control.

NameInsta JT
Size87 MB
Downloads1 Million
Last Update1 Hour Ago

Features of JT Instagram APK

This advanced version has advanced features that make it prior to all Mods and official apps. Here are its JT features for advanced socializing. 

Built-in Ad-blocker

Ads are very common and in huge amounts on Instagram’s official app. But this Mod app brings an ad-blocker into play to limit all annoying popups and banners from advertisers. Enjoy a seamless experience without ads or advertisement interruptions. 

JT Themes

There is a built-in store in the JT version that contains JT themes. You can try different designs, colors, a variety of settings, and UI customizations. All the themes are free to try and include customization options. 

Media Download

Contrary to the official Instagram app, JT Instagram APK includes a media downloader. You can download all sorts of content, media, images, and videos from Insta. This JT Mod can download reels, stories, IGTV content, posts, videos, images, and DPs. 

App Lock & Chat Lock

Security is essential. On Instagram users are concerned about their chats and their social data on this platform. Hence, this Mod version brings app lock and chat lock to ensure complete social security. 

Ghost Mode

JT Instagram APK also includes an anonymity feature. It is its ghost mode. This single feature will make your experience anonymous and hide your presence. You can disable online status, last seen time, online tick, and presence in news feeds. 

DND Mode

This mode brings multitasking functionality into play. You can enable it and the internet data will be disabled for this app. Hence, you can use other mobile apps without getting interrupted by notifications of this app. 

Post Filters

JT Instagram App also has a special set of post filters. These filters allow you to keep desired video posts or image posts in the feeds. You can enjoy personalized feeds for your Instagram experience in this JT version.

JT Instagram APK Download

Contrary to the official app, this JT version is not available on the Play Store. You can download it from different third-party sources which are hazardous. Hence, you should download it from this page for free as this APK file is 100% secure. Moreover, this page has a one-click download button for simple, easy, and instant download. 

How to Install JT Instagram APK

The installation process needs a few simple steps that are listed here. 

  • Download the file with 100% surety about your device security and account. 
  • Open your mobile ‘Settings’ main menu and type ‘Security’ in its search option.
  • Tap on the ‘Security’ section.
  • It will show a toggle for ‘Unknown Sources’. Just enable it for this installation.
  • Go to the APK file and tap the install button to set up the JT version and launch it on your Android. 


JT Instagram APK is a highly advanced Mod designed for Instagram users. It offers a JT collection of themes, a variety of UI customization, and endless personalization. From UI to icon, and privacy to background, everything is customizable. It brings media download, ad-blocker, theme store, app lock, privacy customization, and an endless amount of advanced socializing features. 


Does JT Instagram APK allow media download?

Yes, it offers media downloads for reels, stories, videos, posts, DPs, images, and other content. 

Can I use a dual account on JT Instagram APK?

This JT version supports multiple accounts at once. You can use two, three, or even more accounts on this JT Mod.