OG Instagram APK Download For Android 2024

OG Instagram APK is an unofficial version of Instagram that offers many extra features. It lets you download photos, videos, and stories directly to your device. This means you don’t need third-party apps to save content. You can also browse Instagram stories and posts anonymously. This feature lets you look at content without the creator knowing. Another handy feature is the ability to zoom in on photos and profile pictures, giving you a closer look. Customization is another strong point of OG Instagram APK. You can change the app’s theme, colors, and font styles to suit your taste. Managing multiple Instagram accounts is easy too, as you can switch between them without logging out. OG version improves media quality for uploads. It also removes ads, providing an uninterrupted browsing experience.

OG Instagram APK

Why to Choose OG Instagram APK

This OG version has several benefits over the official Instagram app. First, you can download photos, videos, and stories directly from the app. The official app doesn’t allow this. Second, you can view stories anonymously, which helps you stay discreet. Third, you can change themes and customize the look of the app. This includes changing fonts and colors. OG Instagram APK often has new features before the official app. For example, you can zoom in on profile pictures and translate comments and captions. It has fewer ads. The official app has many ads and sponsored posts.

NameOG Insta
Size47 MB
Downloads1 Million
Last Update1 Hour Ago

Features of OG Instagram APK

This OG version has plenty to offer that clearly make it ahead of the official version. Here are its OG features. 

Download Photos and Videos

You can download photos, videos, and stories directly to your device. This means you can save your favorite content and view it offline whenever you want.

Enhanced Privacy

This OG version brings more control over your privacy. You can view stories without anyone knowing and read messages without sending read receipts. This way, you can stay more private while using the app.

Zoom in on Profile Pictures

In the official app, you can’t enlarge profile pictures. OG Instagram App lets you zoom in on profile pictures to see them better. This is helpful if you want a closer look at someone’s profile photo.

Easy Sharing

Sharing content is simpler. You can directly share images and videos to other social media platforms or messaging apps. This saves you time and makes sharing easier.

Auto-Play Videos with Sound

In the regular Instagram app, videos start without sound. With OG Instagram APK, videos can start with sound automatically. This gives you a more engaging viewing experience right from the start.

Customization Options

It allows you to customize the app’s appearance. You can choose different themes and colors to personalize your Instagram experience. This makes the app more enjoyable and unique to you.

No Ads

One of the best features of OG Instagram Mod APK is that it doesn’t show ads. Unlike the official app, you won’t see any sponsored posts or advertisements. This means a cleaner and uninterrupted browsing experience.

Multiple Accounts

This OG version lets you manage multiple Instagram accounts easily. You can switch between different accounts without logging out. This is great for users who handle personal and business accounts.

Full-Screen Stories

OG Instagram APK provides full-screen stories, making them more immersive. You can enjoy stories in a bigger and better view, enhancing your overall experience on the app.

Better DM Experience

Enjoy improved DM experience. You can send voice messages, share larger files, and use more emojis and stickers. This makes chatting more fun and versatile.

OG Instagram

OG Instagram APK Download

This latesr version of OG Mod is available for free download on this page for all the users. It is an APK file format designed to support only Android jinks. So as an Android user, you can get it for free using a simple download button on this page. Get it to install it. There are the installation steps.

  • Tap on Download button and download will start within in three seconds. 
  • Complete the downlod with fast download speed and optimal download experience on this page. 
  • Open the APK file. Follow its prompts and enable installation permission
  • Use install button in the file and app is yours. You can launch and use it for free. 


OG Instagram APK is a better option than the regular Instagram app. It lets you download photos, videos, and stories directly to your device. This is great for saving your favorite content. You can view stories without being seen and read messages without sending read receipts. You can even customize the app with different themes and colors to make it look how you want.

One of the best features is that there are no ads. You can enjoy browsing without interruptions. Managing multiple accounts is easy too. You can switch between accounts without logging out. The direct messaging feature is improved, so you can send voice messages and larger files. Full-screen stories and automatic video playback with sound make the app more fun to use.